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  • July 5th, 2017

Having a landing page plays a crucial role in getting potential customer information and generate targeted leads. If it works great, then it can produce a lot of revenue for your business. However, a poorly designed landing page can cost you to lose not only new customers but also existing ones. Remember, you want to get a lot of visitors to land on these specific pages. If they are not converting well, then you are definitely hurting your business. Therefore, it’s important to get a great landing page and get the basics right first.

But the truth is that you don’t get it right the first time. Only after launching, testing and optimizing can you improve your landing page conversion rate better. You don’t want people just to visit your website. You want them to act immediately. Follow these landing page optimization tips to finally push your landing page conversion rate higher.

Implement a Single Call-to-Action

Call-to-Action is the most important element of a landing page, and it’s time to rethink your strategy. It might seem like just a simple strategical placement, but everything about it matters to get users to take action. This can mean the difference between a bounce rate and a conversion, and yet many have taken advantage of it.

One of the most obvious mistakes that a lot website have is trying to do too much with their landing pages. If you try to put a lot of call-action and ask visitors do a lot of things, the chances are that they’ll leave immediately. You should try to focus on getting only a single, killer call to action, and you’re likely to get visitors to take the necessary steps you want. Choose something that’s simple and what drives people to take that certain action. Remember that less is actually more.

Keep it Nice and Clean

Remember that you are trying to focus on one goal for your landing page, which is your call to action. You need to remove as many distractions as possible so that your visitors can concentrate more on the most important things that matter on your landing page. You need to consider using white spaces that can help separate the different elements on the page. Give them the impression of a clean layout.

Your landing page is different from any other pages of your website, so it does not need all the elements clustered all in one page. You only need to keep the information that is important for your visitors to make that informed decision. A cleaner layout can clearly help minimize confusion and lead to higher conversion rate.

Include Appropriate Images or Video

If you’re trying to convey an important idea without bogging your visitors with a lot of text and information, a video or image is an excellent way to reinforce your overall messaging and branding effectively. Humans are emotional beings, and they decide along with what they think and what they feel. Thus, the use of appealing images or video can attract your visitors and evoke powerful emotions to influence their decisions positively.

Choose an image or video that can reinforce the message and portray what your business has to offer. Use a clear image that is simple to understand, and remember to optimize images so that they can load faster, at the same time maintaining the quality of the image and video. Bear in mind that these essential elements can help engage and captivate your visitors in a great way. And it is a well-known strategy to increase conversions when used on landing pages.

Run, Optimize, Repeat

The way you place and deliver your call-to-action, headline and images can make or break your landing page’s conversion rate. Test out the different graphic elements on your landing page. Keep all elements simple and clear by limiting it to what your business has to offer and how it will benefit your visitors. All of these elements can make a significant impact on whether or not your visitors will take certain action. Do this as a necessary part of your marketing strategy and run tests as much possible to measure the impact each element has on conversion rates.

If you’ve never done optimizing, you don’t have to worry. Testing is the only way to see what elements can produce significant results. You should always be looking for ways to improve your landing page. Keep on pushing forward and find the strategy that will work best for you.