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  • June 19th, 2017
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Technology defies the laws of traditional marketing where communication is one-way. With countless mediums that have access to the internet, it’s bound to reach a massive number of people of all sorts. Digital Marketing is every marketer’s dream– customers are within reach, specifiable, and interaction with them is much easier. So as a business, you do realize how important this is, right? It’s about time you learn how to create a social media campaign.

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Make sure you have photos, videos, teasers, tweets, the whole package!

Integrated Marketing is a technique that makes use of different channels to distribute a message. It also hypes up greater experience for your consumers by interacting with them in various ways. This makes the brand identity much more recognizable for your customers. So, if you’re asking how to launch a social media campaign, you’re asking how to perform Integrated Marketing Communication. So, how does one start a social media campaign?

Social Media is comprised of all kinds of ways on how to present content: videos, photos, GIF’s, polls, etc. So, your campaign should include all of this and more because according to KCBP, videos account for 74% of customer consumption this 2017. Evidently, video sharing is a trend that business owners are eyeing as their next marketing strategy. It has been proven that instructional videos and demo videos are helpful for consumers in their decision making.

The use of photos does the same thing. It demonstrates the product, and it’s easier to understand its use if there is a picture. According to Dr. John Medina, if information has an accompanying image, 65% of that information will be retained, comparing it to the mere 10% without an image.

Customer Engagement is a must

In order for your Social Media campaign to succeed, you need to use Social Media platforms the right way. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, are all about sharing ‘good’ and ‘interesting’ content– the things they care about.

Things like seasonal contests, discounts, and events that promote social causes are only some of the ways where you can navigate customer engagement into your advantage.


More radical, creative ideas where connection is more interactive with your customers, isn’t bad at all! In 2010, the “Find Red” campaign was launched. This is a social media campaign launched by the chocolate company M&M’s. It took advantage of Google’s Street View by engaging its customers in Toronto to spot the red M&M’s for a chance to win a red smart car. A real creative way of raising attention for your product. This campaign earned a total of 8.4 million media impressions, over 225,000 Twitter mentions, and approximately 7 million QR code poster views. A real awesome approach to social media marketing.

Social Media Management Tools You Need

It’s about time for one of the most important know-hows: How to manage social media campaigns. As mentioned, it’s important to be present in as much social networks as possible. Sounds like a buttload of account management, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be that way because there are software and applications that are designed to assist you in your social media campaign management.

Bitly is one example. Not only does it shorten links, it also takes note of real-time analytics and tracks the clicks of your link. You can even bookmark websites and pages. Another is Hootsuite. Hootsuite provides a dashboard where you can perform campaigns across multiple social networks all at the same time. Here, you can track conversations, measure results, schedule posts, and view a built-in analytics system all for easier monitoring of your social media campaign. There are loads more of softwares that are built for an easier campaign management like Buffer, Spreadfast, etc. Each with their own features that you can use to your advantage.

Numbers are important

Analytics are a big part of Social Media campaigns. These answer the question on how to measure social media campaign success. Remember to always monitor your progress– if the method is working or not. If you’re waiting for better results or wasting time. For instance, Twitter and Instagram have analytics where you can measure the impressions of your posts and monitor what time your followers are most active. Use this to your benefit! Be a smart social media marketer.

Numbers that you should also be concerned about, are the appropriate number of posts for every social media platform. Yes, it varies and it matters. Constant Contact posted an infographic of helpful suggestions for when and what to post on these famed social networks. It states that posting in websites like Facebook shouldn’t be too frequent as it can get a little annoying. It recommends a minimum of three times per week.

Why do Social Media Campaigns work?

Social Media campaigns work for plenty reasons. Besides statistics speaking a lot about it being a feasible investment, it also utilizes of a medium that directly connects your product to your consumers. Customers can easily tweet to you if something is wrong. And if you are present to respond to their concerns, then you instantly build a customer support system. This is a plus for you.

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Another reason why Social Media campaigns work is that this is where impression-building begins. According to Buffer, tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets than those without. For such a small detail, it sure as hell can reach a ton of people. Imagine if that was your content posted out there– that could mean sales!

If you want to know what social media campaigns looks like, it’s a plan of action in the realms of the internet. It could be one video in YouTube, shared in Facebook, teased in Instagram and tweeted in Twitter. It’s a big fat web that needs to reach as much people as it can.