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  • April 25th, 2017
importance of social media marketing

At Trending Designs, we understand the importance of social media marketing. We make sure it shows in every web design we create and in each perfectly picked search engine optimized word of website text. We also realize that while many clients realize the need for a company website, they may ask themselves, “Well, what IS the importance of social media marketing?” In concise terms, social media marketing provides free marketing methods equally available to anyone with an Internet connection and Internet capable device that engage the public, build a brand, and foster communicative relationships. It helps build a better mousetrap and sell more of the mousetraps.

What is the importance of social media marketing?

Heavy traffic

The five o’clock traffic jam still sucks, but heavy traffic to a website or social media account rocks. Social media activity points customers to your website and products.

The Perfect Couple: SEO and Hashtags

Those search engine optimization keywords throughout your website can provide an even better ranking when used judiciously as hashtags in social media posts.

Consumer Engagement

Social media provides a direct method of communication with clients, customers, and/or fans. This social networking means a company or individual can easily find what is important to its customers directly. Quick, positive interaction can improve reputation and brand image. It also provides engagement opportunities with non-competing businesses, industry leaders, and journalists.

Strong Branding

From the profile photos, to the biography, to the interactions and posts, social media lets companies create a strong brand with a distinct personality.

Going Mobile

Social media keeps a company or brand in front of the consumer on the go. It means the consumer has product information in their hands while shopping.

According to Content Fac, social media marketing produces a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. Whether a company marketing strategy directs to the general public or to other businesses, social media provides a direct connection to sales. The 84% majority of business-to-business marketers use social media.

The importance of social media marketing for business

An Open Door

We live in a world where consumers mute TV and radio commercials, and use online ad blockers to create plain, 1980s-style web pages. Visitors to a brand’s social media want to read and hear a company’s message though. They chose to visit and follow the account.

Ads and Posts

Social media sites, like Facebook, allow targeting and re-targeting of ads. On Facebook, a company can clone targets and expand to similar targets in a few clicks. It comes at a low-cost, too, making it ideal for small businesses. That means a company can post to its existing clients while advertising on the same social media to reach new clients.

Eventful Posts

Businesses posting from industry events can earn more media coverage. Branding social media accounts onto giveaways at trade shows can earn a company more followers. Social media is buzz creation that fits in your pocket or purse.

Fast and Immediate

Social media means immediacy. A company can instantly address problems with its product or service. Consumers appreciate companies that respond to consumer complaints, a fact born out repeatedly in consumer studies.

Generates Customer Loyalty

A Texas Tech University study found that businesses with active, engaged social media profiles boasted more loyal customers. Social media done right means brand building that doubles as loyalty building.

Let Trending Designs help you discover the importance of social media marketing and social networking. Our team of passionate designers and coders have worked in the industry for years. We combine experience, knowledge, and expertise to provide our clients the highest quality web design, web development, and SEO, at affordable prices. We work with all sizes of businesses to create websites and social media campaigns that build positive brand personalities and increase consumer brand loyalty.