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  • July 5th, 2016

Today, evergreen content is widely recognized as a key player in enhancing SEO performance. The power of creating such content must never be underestimated because it can help improve your search rankings and the overall quality of your content. The trick here is to ensure that the content created by you works for both the search engines and your intended audience. If creating evergreen content is something new to you, you can always opt for professional SEO services in New York. But if understand evergreen content creation at a basic level, it never hurts to learn more about it to master the art of creating it. Let’s find out more!


The ingredients that are needed in an evergreen article

  • Content that doesn’t date too quickly: the golden rule is to provide useful ‘advice’ for your readers. Note that major search engines like Google tend to update their algorithm from time to time.
  • Content that was written with SEO in mind: Use appropriate keywords and optimize your the headlines of your content. Internal linking and related anchor text are also welcomed.
  • Content that passes the ‘long click’ test: This is content that’s useful enough to make readers spend time on the page. Always create content that satisfies the searcher’s needs.
  • Great readability: Avoid great walls of text. Texts are needed but remember to insert images, headings, etc., in appropriate places.
  • Use compelling headlines: Title should be descriptive and can sell the content contained within well. No clickbaits allowed.

Plan well for flawless execution

For starters, you can begin the planning phase by identifying the most common problems that customers and users face. You must ensure that your efforts are geared towards solving genuine issues. Let’s imagine that your website features drop-down menus that offer ease of navigation to problems your customers are experiencing. Based on the number of clicks each question or problem the searchers click, create a page with useful resources for customers to match those queries. When you create content to address issues, it makes it even easier to find specific pages on your site, and in the SERPs. After all, everybody wants to attract relevant traffic right?

Choose an effective format to present your content

Writing longer articles (long form content) is a good start as they can provide readers with ample information needed on a given subject. Yes, ‘long-winded’ content can affect people’s attention spans but going long form is different. Apart from having plain text in your article, make sure there are sufficient visual aids being placed in your articles. It has to be informational but not boring. Master this part, and readers will stay till the end. Until now, lists still work very well and they can be found in a huge percentage of popular articles on the internet. Lists allow articles to be easy to scan and digest, appealing to more people’s curiosity in the long run.

Whether you are retailer who is creating evergreen content about repair tips or a shoe maker who is posting size guides, you can be sure that everyone from any industry can benefit greatly from creating evergreen content for targeted readers.