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  • May 16th, 2017
Why Your Business Needs A Website

It’s the age of Technology. There’s no denying the dramatic shift of the marketing landscape. To this day, convenience, interaction and communication through websites are three things that dominate digital marketing effectiveness. So you need ask yourself why your business needs a website.

Well, it’s only a matter of time before every establishment in town takes this to their advantage. This isn’t a time to get left behind now, is it?

In website maintenance, factors like SEO ranking and social media management need paying attention to. Technicalities like these are one of the reasons why businesses are reluctant to engage in website development. After all, these are small businesses. If you think your small business can’t afford it, remember that this is a cost-effective investment. Here are the numbers that will prove why your business needs a website:

Google Gets Over 100 Billion Searches A Month

In a Code/Mobile conference, the Google Search Senior Vice President Amit Singhal announces this fact. Imagine all those searches, all those people looking for products, information, anything. It could be your type of business they are looking for and you could be missing out the chances.

If you’ve got an active website, you earn the chance to be visible to potential customers. With this, you identify yourself on the internet and you get acknowledged as a credible business in operation. Every impression can turn into promising customer interaction.

Most Shoppers Research Before Buying

Most Shoppers Research Before Buying

This is a huge number to consider. This means that nowadays, customers are aware of informed decision making. Obviously, with the vast database of information online, customers will take in all content that need consuming so that they get the best out of their purchase. This is your next advantage.

Imagine the number of shoppers out there carefully reading and stipulating content. This is your way of imparting to them your good service and legitimate brand name. All it takes is a few customer reviews, good content writing and website optimization to maintain a good SEO ranking. In fact, 81 percent of shoppers make sure that they read product reviews before making a purchase.

With a website, there is the advantage of garnering customer databases. Interactions such as reviews and comments will provide you with an exchange of information that will eventually result to a more inclusive customer support system for your customers. Understanding this will give your business a more comprehensive look at who consumes your content. Thus, your business strategy will become more accurate, specific and well-targeted.

A Majority of Smartphone Users Have Discovered A New Company/Product When Conducting Research On Their Phones

There will always be a reason why your website should be mobile-friendly. According to research, 30% of all US commerce are made of mobile commerce. So if you fail to make your website mobile-ready, then you lose a ton of visibility. Again, you could miss out on the 51% discovering new sites everyday. It could be your most loyal customer, you never know.

Unique Online Experiences Convert To Physical Visits and Revenue

You heard it. With these online experiences, customer interaction and experience will have improved, making the branding of your business better and more credited with. It all starts by reaching them at home—Convenience is key.

By owning a website, you give away the first impression through your appearance, color, design, brand name too. It’s absolutely vital to represent your brand as legitimate, trustworthy and worth the bargain through the visual factors that can be seen in your website. If they like what they see, what they hear, then they might just come in and try it out.

more revenue with business websites

There’s A Huge Chance For More Revenue With Websites

In the latest Clutch 2017 Small Business Web Design Survey, 88% of businesses earning $1-5 million have websites. While only 12% don’t. The result is stunningly similar with other small-medium-earning businesses. Businesses with websites earn more than those that simply dont’t.

Costs can also be cut by owning websites. Physical expenses and miscellaneous items can be avoided because all one virtually needs is a laptop and good ideas. Your business will be safe from these unnecessary spendings. In fact, online advertising allows a limited audience reach. With Digital Marketing and Search Engine Algorithms, you are able to accurately specify the who’s and where’s of your target market. Which in turn will not waste effort.

30% of Small Businesses With A Website Generate More Than 25% of Their Revenue Online

If you’re an owner of a modest business, keep these numbers in mind. Because it will constantly remind you of why your business needs a website.

Before anything else, these numbers happen when one maintains SEO ranking which includes website optimization. And this is attainable by having the best website optimization tools reachable. If you want the same increase in profit, then you know what to do. Who knows, you might just gain more.

Whatever the size of your business, you need a website for it. Everything is searchable online. Everyone is looking for things online. The whole world is practically wrapped in the thick towel of internet engagement and interaction. Again, we stress this out because it is one of the core reasons why your business needs a website.

The Bottomline: Why Your Business Needs A Website

Don’t think that just because you finally have a live, active website going on that it means viola, you’ll last a lifetime. It doesn’t work that way. Owning a website means careful maintenance of all its active accounts. If it has a social media account, then it should be updated regularly and the content refreshed. By carefully checking all content posted, your website becomes an effective and engaging place where your customers can interact with you. It’ll be your supporting market space.

Numbers speak a lot, don’t they? And surely, they’ve said much about your engagement in digital marketing and why your business needs a website.